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Happy Children

Mindfulness for Children

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Children's Mindfulness Classes (Surrey based) plus Mama 1:1 support  & Smile sessions - see Emma's website for more info

Emma is a Creative Kids Mindfulness practitioner and is able to teach the Mindful Heart Curriculum to children aged between 4 and 12 years old. Available to teach online, or in person in Surrey and Surrounds- Mindfulness is the perfect way to support the emotional health of your pupils and children, either within the school day, or as an after school offering. Get in touch to discuss funding opportunities and to obtain a bespoke quotation for your educational setting.

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Francesca Lazarski​

Fran teaches creative story workshops, sound therapy and mindfulness sessions for children's groups such as schools; libraries; hospitals; home education settings; parent & toddler. Mainly around the New Forest/ Hampshire areas.

Fran is also a children's author & publisher.

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A little whisper with a BIG message!

Who is 'the whisper' and what is its secret? Follow its journey around the world, warming hearts and spreading happiness as it goes.

A gentle uplifting story of love, kindness and unity. And proof that you are never too small to make a difference.

Age Range: 3-7 years ... and for the young-at-heart

Also at the back of the book are a few ideas for 'heart-centred activities' for parents, teachers and carers to share with their children.


Fran sent me a copy of this little book which is located in  Wee Nature Spirits playgroup.


To order Fran's book please click here

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Follow Amanda on Instagram @amanda_ashy


A social-emotional wellbeing course for children!

In this online course, Amanda, Mindfulness Expert, teaches your children how to be calmer, happier and stronger through a mixture of verbal, visual, kinaesthetic and intrapersonal approaches to learning. Each of these teachings is grounded in evidence based mindfulness techniques that help children understand their thoughts and feelings. 

Amanda Ashy (London based)
Holistic Nutritionist
Mindfulness Teacher
Yoga Teacher (2 - tweens)


Mindful Kids London

Focus : Calm : Kindness : Strength

Introducing children to the calming benefits of focusing their minds. At Mindful Kids we provide children with useful and practical tools to help them navigate life's demands and discover the peace and calm within themselves.  Using our effective N.A.P. strategy (Notice - Accept - Plan), children will learn to pause and notice how they are feeling, accept and understand why they are experiencing those feelings, and make a positive plan of action using the tools that they have learned.

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