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Supporting this Website & Holistic Services in Surrey

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Holistic Essentials London sells & promotes Ayurvedic products and services, staying true to the ancient holistic health principles of Ayurveda. This system is renowned for supporting health, both physical and mental, by creating harmony between a person's body and nature. 
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Gaia TV - Stream Your Awakening

Fuel your conscious life with unlimited access to 8,000+ original programs, practices, and films. Connect and centre with yoga and meditation classes, and feed your curiosity with truth-seeking videos. Our members are changing the world on a journey to personal transformation. By clicking on this logo it will take you do a 7 day FREE Trial and if you join, Gaia will donate to this website.


Natalia Bond Photography

'Kids just need to be themselves - unique, curious and with an unspoilt imagination. To take a photograph and turn it into a portrait takes time and trust between the photographer and a child. This is exactly what I am here for and what I love to do, because when it happens, it’s pure magic' Natalia also does wedding photography. Instagram

Star Child in Glastonbury sources high quality materials from all over the World aiming to work with organic and sustainable growers wherever possible to create high quality products such as Aromatherapy essential oils, incense, bath oils and botanicals. Star Child do not use any synthetic additives in any of their products, selecting only the best materials for their blends which in turn they make available as raw ingredients for you to use for your own purpose. Star Child works with the cycles of the Moon to collect materials for their magical lunar infusions which are added to all blends. Working with the natural rhythm of the Earth helps create truly potentised unique products. 


The mission at The Jasper Cacao Project is simple… To be a driving force in helping the world to heal and be nourished through the wonderful deep medicinal and spiritual properties of the food of the gods, 100% raw cacao. We are here to make ceremonial grade cacao accessible to all for a wonderful wellbeing solution.


Is there anything you want to let go of? Something that’s not serving you anymore?

Ceremonies and private energy healing sessions can facilitate a safe space for you to be able to open your heart and to release whatever it is you want to let go of. It’s a space where we can step into our power individually and collectively with courage and strength in a non-judgemental supportive environment.... freedom awaits. 

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