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This growing online presence of a 'Nature Spirits Community' is very blessed to be supported by pay monthly/ regular PAYG families of Wee Nature Spirits outdoor playgroup. Many of these families also run a small business. These families along with affiliated partners, are contributing to the future of Nature Spirits' expansion, by not only coming most weeks but also by donating. Some of these businesses, not all, offer discount codes/ links if you click on them.




Mum to a toddler, and a furbaby called Yoda.

My mission is to help you to remember just how magic you are. My offerings include Massage, Reiki, Reiki Teaching (Level 1 & 2), Crystal Healing, Angelic and Faery Readings and Soul Plan Readings.

In March 2020 I started to sell crystals, and my handmade cedarwood crystal shelves online. I absolutely love sharing my passion for crystals with you all!

Logo - Alice Foley Fae Crystals and Healing - Final - Square - Colour on White Background

Discount code: Weens10


We are a little, family run roastery setup in the Westfield area of Woking, Surrey. The roastery was setup by Chris after deciding he wanted to do something different from engineering and playing with roller coasters, so he followed his passion for coffee, built a massive shed, cleared the garage and turned it into the Bell’s Beans Roastery.


.Chris also offers gift sets, brewing equipment and much more! 

Pure Grades

We only use coffee from importers that pay the farmers fairly and help the farmers further their coffee and communities.

Special 10% discount code on Bells Beans bags of coffee: Weens10


"Claire Danielle Art" was born during lockdown 1  - 'I finally had the time and opportunity to return to my love of art on paper and was overwhelmed and hugely flattered  with the amazing reaction I received on social media.'

I offer pet portraits, pregnancy bump art, face painting for parties and more....

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Welcome to Daisy Bumble! Everything is handmade or hand finished.

Based in Surrey, UK. Turnaround 1-2 weeks.

New Hair Bows now added.

image_6487327 (5).JPG
Jess logo.webp

I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist who received my initial training through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), based in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.  As well, I have studied a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with a concentration in Mental Health and minors in Sociology and Philosophy.
I have come to care very deeply about relieving stress and implementing relaxation into the lives of as many people as I can possibly reach. 

Equally as important I believe, I focus on elevating self esteem and resilience; hypnosis is a magnificent tool for achieving this.

I am also willing, able and happy to use hypnosis for an array of other needs, including weight loss; sleep problems; enhancing performance at work, school and in sports; and much more.


Kate Keeley Yoga

My journey started with the initial intention of being able to fold forward and my fingers to touch the floor. After daily self practice I soon discovered years of built up tension in my muscles starting to release, along with a hugely positive impact to my mental health.

I went on to complete my yoga teacher training at The House of Yoga in December 2016. This not only gave me the tools to become a teacher, but helped me to grow the confidence and focus on developing a practice in self care.

After the birth of my first son in September 2018, I went on to complete my pregnancy and postnatal yoga training at Yoga Mama in London'.

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Mini and Me UK started with our desire to share the unique, life-changing and incredibly special connection we felt with our little ones, after becoming mothers ourselves. We wanted to share this experience with the world and help other parents do the same by twinning, or complementing their little ones fashion.  

Stylish yet practical, gentle on the skin yet washable, and at the heart of every product is the relationship between parents and their little ones - and the desire to look and feel connected. Helping to create those special memories and picture perfect moments.

Orders over £25 receive FREE shipping -  If you'd like to collect from Wee Nature Spirits playgroup let us know and we will refund any postage you are charged. 

Love Laura and Rebecca (mummies to Camellia, Louis and Poppy) x

Mini & Me UK

10% discount WEENS10

MCP - Stacked Logo - RGB.png

The 'Mama on a Mission'


The Mama on a Mission box is a specially curated box of trusted, quality, sustainable products to help you start your journey into motherhood while treading lightly on the Earth. It also makes the perfect gift for expectant mums and a thoughtful addition to any baby shower.

B13 - edit.jpeg

Discount code: Weens15

The Mama on a Mission box can help you be kinder to the planet without going to the ends of the Earth.

4211Natalia Bond PhotographyDSC-4211.jpg

Natalia Bond Photography

'After becoming a mother of two, I realised how much joy it brings me to photograph children. Kids don’t come to the studio with a predetermined or self conscious view of how their image should look. They don't want instructions or directions. They just need to be themselves - unique, curious and with an unspoilt imagination. To take a photograph and turn it into a portrait takes time and trust between the photographer and a child. This is exactly what I am here for and what I love to do, because when it happens, it’s pure magic'

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They provide Ayurvedic products and services, including practitioner training, staying true to the ancient holistic health principles of Ayurveda. This system is renowned for supporting health, both physical and mental, by creating harmony between a person's body and nature.


One of the Founders, Dr Deepa Apté MBBS (India), YLA, BYV, ITEC, MICHT is a fully qualified Indian medical doctor (Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Surgery, India), a qualified Yoga teacher (specialising in Hatha Yoga and the Sivananda tradition) and a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner.

'I daily take the powders/herbs and Ayurvedic herbal teas, which I do feel and believe make a difference in my holistic wellbeing.'

Click on any link which will give you a 10% discount EVERY TIME you order via this website! Proceeds help fund Wee Nature Spirits outdoor playgroup.

immune support kit.jpg

Shaved raw cacao

What are the benefits?

  • 40 times the antioxidants of Blueberries

  • Highest known source of plant based Iron

  • Full of Magnesium for a healthy heart and a sharp brain

  • More Calcium than cow’s milk

  • A natural mood elevator and anti-depressant

  • Allergen free

  • Vegan friendly

  • Hand shaved Cacao Paste - as unprocessed as you can get

CEREMONIAL CACAO 250G / 500G / 1000G FROM £18.00 - 10% discount code : WEENS10



Dead Sea mud mask and Dead Sea bath bomb.jpg
Woman holding rose essential oil shower steamer with rose petals.jpg
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Reed diffuser on Dead Sea salt.jpg
Dead Sea mud mask with lid open.jpg

We believe skincare is a ritual – a moment to pause, be present and nourish ourselves in ways that are more than skin deep. Our approach to skincare is rooted in tradition yet infused with contemporary insights to create a truly transformative experience. 
Our Dead Sea formulas are born from the potent fusion of restorative Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea Salt with nourishing oils and botanicals and are designed to promote not only healthy, glowing skin, but also a healthy mind and body. 
Our passion for natural Dead Sea skincare and love for self-care are combined in our products to provide an indulgent and revitalising experience. From the moment your order arrives at your door, The Dead Sea Co. experience begins. Every package feels like a gift, even if it’s just for yourself – a special delivery of you-time.
Naʼiman!* نعيماً       Serina, Laith, and Hana

*there’s nothing quite like it in English, but it’s what you say to someone in the Middle East to congratulate them on how fresh they look!

Click on our logo/ any photo to receive a 15% discount EACH TIME YOU ORDER and we will donate to Wee Nature Spirits Playgroup or use coupon code: Weens15

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