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The Vision for Expansion...


Nature Spirits UK (NSUK) is, with others, raising awareness of natural ways and complementary therapies such as Energy Healing to support the mental health wellbeing for all ages. More than ever before, we have depression, anxiety and suicide on the increase for both adults & children. There are children in our world as young as 3 years old being clinically diagnosed and being prescribed medication : Anxiety and depression in children: Get the facts

Children can be like a mirror, reflecting the healing we must work on within; our 'inner child' - Heal the Parent; Heal the Child.

NSUK's founder LuLu has a big dream - to create an accessible nature retreat for families including:

> Purchasing land with more trees, shrubs, outbuildings and a car park

> An eco-wooden cabin for Wee Nature Spirits UK outdoors playgroup & creche service, with access to on-site running water and electric 

Then as time passes, a spiritual yurt, a vegan cafe & shop, wigwams with tribal music, a tree house/ big climbing frame, a reading hut; hammocks; a magical fairy/ sensory garden, particularly for children with SEN. Everything would be wheelchair friendly.

Other cabins or bell tents could be used for adult & older children workshops such as yoga; meditation; mindful activities of photography/candle making/art with possible glamping for those wanting to stay longer!


Little Girl
Mother Carrying Her Daughter
Children Meditating

Until this happens, we can continue to share, expand, evolve and learn from each other any techniques which support our mental, physical and spiritual journeys. 

I am extremely grateful for where our Wee Nature Spirits playgroup is now and feel we have already built a lovely community spirit.

Women Holding Hands
Children in the Garden

Having worked in SEN schools I am passionate about partnering with local special needs charities. For example , young adults with Autism could gain work by helping to maintain the site or help out in the playgroup or cafe. I have seen how much joy and sense of purpose this can bring to their lives.

There would also be opportunities for birthday parties/antenatal gatherings/weddings/anniversaries  & celebrations.
I believe a setting such as this is needed more than ever at this time. The more we can together support every family members wellbeing, the quicker Earth's conscious vibration rises. Lets join others on helping to create loving supportive communities around our planet.

Please read on on how you can help spread awareness. If you are able to help please email


Nature Spirits UK has its very own themed sustainable, organic clothing/totes, made with renewable energy. Teemill make sure the factory workers are paid above fair in India plus employ people in the UK. So there is a bigger picture as to why the clothes cost more than cheaper alternatives.


Designs change frequently for women, children and men.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has purchased already! You are not only supporting the future of Nature Spirits but also workers in the UK and India. Love LuLu xx

The clothes are made in India and the printing factory is on the Isle of Wight  - for more FAQs click HERE​.

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