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Volunteer With Wee Nature Spirits

Interested in volunteering?

Do you have skills that could help support positive mental health and emotional resilience for both children and their families?

Or perhaps you have some time and energy you can give to run activities either during a session or to cover for me during holidays/ training courses.

Many small businesses and charities rely on volunteers to expand and enhance their community presence.

You would be required to provide a DBS check, which you will need to pay for yourself. It is approximately £13 and can be obtained from this link: DBS Certificate


Help Promote Wee NS

I'm always looking for new ways to raise awareness of our playgroup.

If you’d like to help with fundraising, organising events, securing corporate sponsorship or donations, or promoting Wee Nature Spirits in any other way, please let me know.

I'm open to ideas and keen to hear from people with the skills, or simply the drive, to help spread the word.

Love Lulu xx

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