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As you may now have gathered, this website explores alternative healing modalities and spiritual practices which have supported me on my healing journey. It also includes many wonderful charities who support mental health. However,  I am not trained in the medical profession, so please do check with your GP first, if you want to try for example, meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, yoga, natural remedies, essential oils, energy healing etc, particularly if you are on medication or pregnant.

Other humans can drain our energy at times, sometimes in a good way, sometimes not, and it's super important we are aware of the 'coping' habits we can easily get ourselves into, eg having a few drinks every night and eating crap! 

Unhealthy habits are tough to break but we can replace them with conscious better choices like going for a walk in nature.

With regards to past traumas / breaking negative patterns of our ancestors, we need to find ways of going within, not being afraid of what memories may show up, because as Rumi said "The cure for pain is in the pain". We need to trust our power to heal ourselves using daily disciplines such as positive affirmations/ journalling/ exercise/ nutrition/ meditation of some sort, whether that be guided/ repeating a mantra or even listening to binaural beats.

We find and use what resonates. 

Enjoying Nature
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The website membership includes having access to the 'Community Forum’, a place 'hoping to uplift your nature spirit within', helping to build a sense of Oneness and Unity. The Forum can provide an opportunity to further share/investigate new ideas and healing techniques which support, and in some cases significantly decrease the symptoms of for example ptsd, insomnia, ocd, adhd, anxiety and depression. 


There is also a 'Wee Nature Spirits UK Hub' for families to share useful tips on parenting or activity ideas. If you run a small business and attend the playgroup you may also promote your product/ service.  If you are interested on becoming a Conscious brand affiliate which helps fund my Wee Nature Spirits playgroup please do email me.


Other ways to support are Paypal donation based and using the Easyfundraising app when shopping online, choosing 'Wee Nature Spirits' as your cause. The app costs you no money.

"We are all nature spirits made from stardust,  infinitely awakening in our global collective loving consciousness - so unique and more powerful than we ever imagined.
Breathe and Believe"

Nature Spirits UK

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