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Much Love to You...

Lotus Flower

Many of us naturally feel a spiritual connection to nature and we cannot explain it. The ancient oriental approach to true health is extremely holistic. Like nature, we contain all 5 elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. We are nature manifest in human form.

When unexpected, uncomfortable events happen, it's easy to become anxious. Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK experience mental health problems. Childhood traumas and past lives can appear randomly when triggered.

Thankfully, the awareness is growing that by using complementary therapies, such as Energy Work; Sound Healing; Breathwork; Qi Gong; Yoga and Meditation, can help us react differently, change perceptions, build resilience, whilst bringing us a sense of peace, knowing everything will be okay.

This website was created during 2020 with Divine intervention. It hopes to support your life journey by sharing some mind, body and spiritual disciplines. By connecting to our inner being daily, for example, simply by walking barefoot on grass and consciously breathing; we can bring more serenity and balance into our lives. Energy work can help us face any challenges with ease and grace. It's common to get caught up on helping others and forget about ourselves.

(About co-creator Lulu)

Our current life journey is about returning to the one love, the one consciousness that created us, remembering to have fun along the way! It is accepted by many that we are spiritual souls having an 'Earth School' experience; and we are extremely privileged to be here and share this land with Mama Gaia.

Click on any topic or link below. If you feel overwhelmed on which therapy to try first, just take some time out to go within and ask yourself what would feel good; trust that. If you are on any medication, always check with your GP before trying any support listed on this website.

Love & Magical Lightbeams, Lulu x

No one should ever have to feel alone. If you have friends or family who may find some of the resources on this website useful, please do share.

"We are all just walking each other home" - Ram Dass

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