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“Pixie chats”


I’m Sinead aka The Magic Pixie.

I’ve been channelling angel Emmanuel now for the last 10 years. Although he has been by my side all my life, it was during the last 3 years that my relationship with him became more profound as we navigated the worldwide lockdown. It gave me a chance to really go within and connect at a much deeper level to my higher self and Emmanuel. It was during this time I gained more insight into the art of surrender. With daily practices that resonate, as we are all unique, we can tap into a much higher power within to lead us through the darkness back to the light. 


Today I am completely surrendered to Emmanuel and live an effortless carefree peaceful life . I know I have nothing to worry about as Emmanuel is always by my side taking care of me - all I have to do is ask.

“Pixie chats” is where we will chat like friends, but all the while Emmanuel will be guiding you through me as I impart some snippets of wisdom that is specifically aligned with your life, your path and your situation. It brings me great joy to share this wisdom with you and help you to see more clearly the way ahead for you. 

My whole life has been guided to this point and my journey these past few years have been awe inspiring, all leading me back to my true self and higher wisdom. I have learned that we are not alone, are guided and protected but have to believe in the magic, whilst trusting the process.


“Pixie chats“ can help you to reconnect with your higher self, your own angel/ spirit guide and empower you to live a life filled with love and effortless surrender. 

All my Love,

Sinead x

“The Sat Nav inside you will Guide You'”

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