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Neurodiversity & Mental Health Support


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Support Group

Nova Stellar Training provides First Aid Training, Fire Safety and Mental Health First Aid courses to individuals, businesses, charities, and anyone who wants to learn these life saving skills.
"We provide these courses to help you learn first aid and build your confidence to approach an emergency. With the use of demonstration and hands on practice, our team of friendly instructors deliver these courses with ease to suit individual needs. Courses can be delivered at your premises which will save travel time and additional costs. However, if you prefer to come to us, that can be organised too. We run open courses around Surrey and Greater London at hired venues."


Neurodiversity and Challenging Behaviour in the Outdoors Level 3 Award

Following this course you will be able to:

  • Recognise a range of mental health, challenging behaviour and forms of neurodiversity including ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, ACEs, SEN, Challenging Behaviour, ODD and more.

  • Use a range of effective strategies designed specifically for neurodiversity and challenging behaviour in the outdoors in order to engage; create effective learning and development and de-escalate challenging situations.

  • Use a range of effective strategies including the 3 'R's to re-establish trust and effective learning after incidents that challenge.

  • Use a range of effective strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of learning and development when working with neurodiversity and challenging behaviour.

  • Be able to risk assess outdoor learning provision for this range of needs to HSE standards.

  • Be able to put in place safeguarding measures for outdoor learning provsion for this range of vulnerable needs.


online resources and support

Support Group

Supporting and Celebrating neurodiversity (SCN) are here to support families and educators of neurodivergent children, teens and young adults from ages 3-25. Our aim is to promote inclusive environments, share strategies and create innovative ideas to support neurodivergent children at home and school.

At SCN our staff are recruited for their wide and varied SEN background. All of our staff have either personal, parental or professional experience of neurodiversity which helps inform their practice with a holistic and creative approach. We are here to develop the supports and training needs of your school or college and also for our parents at home, through consultancy, coaching and advocacy supports. In addition to our personalised services we also offer regular webinars, training sessions and online 'neurodiversity online group meets' covering a wide range of topics and supports.


I am looking forward to working together with you to create a brighter, more supportive future for our neurodivergent community.

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