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Megan Luna Yoga

I began my journey with yoga about 10 years ago whilst living with a hypnotherapist on my road to recovery from both anorexia and bulimia.

After finding yoga to be of huge personal benefit, I trained as a yoga teacher. I then began to run 1:1 classes for friends and family. Over time, I felt a calling to learn more about yoga & eating disorders and how yoga can play a huge role towards eating disorder recovery.

I am also a Mama to a 3 year old whom I have for fun shared simple yoga moves and a little breathwork if she becomes overwhelmed. 

I have completed additional training courses on subjects such as homeopathy; yoga for trauma & PTSD;  yoga for eating disorders; yoga for anxiety & depression; sound therapy with singing bowls; essential oils; reflexology.

I currently offer yoga therapy sessions from my home close to Ascot, Berkshire, UK and online.

Investment £ :

Yoga session 1 hour £50

Yoga session with sound healing 90mins £75

Yoga session with Reflexology 90mins £80

Reflexology Initial Consultation 90mins £50

Reflexology 1 hour £45


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I am currently almost at full capacity for weekly 1:1 classes, however, I also offer online classes. I mainly support clients without eating disorders.

Please be patient with a response, as I am also a full-time Mama to a beautiful Wee Nature Spirit and wife to my best friend, who I sing with.

If you would like further issues on some of the topics I have listed, please click HERE.

I Love You,

Megan x

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Mobile: 07342 699358

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