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Unexpected events can happen out of our control, triggering us to anxiety quite quickly. Childhood traumas and past lives can appear randomly. It is now claimed in the UK that at least 1 in 4 people are likely to experience mental health issues. Thankfully, awareness is growing on how we can pursue a smoother path by practicing complementary daily holistic techniques, such as Energy & Sound Healing; Breathwork; Qi Gong and Meditation. I am not too sure where I would be right now if I did not have these healing modalities in my life: friends & family can have their own stuff going on at times. (About me)

This website I have created during 2020 hopes to support your life journey by sharing some mental, physical and spiritual disciplines. By connecting to our inner being and nature daily, for example, using earthing techniques; can bring more serenity and balance into our lives. The more we love ourselves, the easier life is.

Complementary natural healing methods can be used alongside medication, however, always check with your GP.

Click on any topic or use the scroll down menu. Love Lulu x

Natural Medicine
Reiki Treatment
Head in Hands

No one should ever have to feel alone. If you have friends or family who may find some of the resources on NSUK useful, please do share this website.

"We are all just walking each other home" - Ram Dass


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Wellness providers can also join to post and promote their service.

Donations welcomed to help fund NSUK's expansion.

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