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Homeopathic Medicine

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What is homeopathic medicine?

"a form of complementary medicine in which ailments are treated by minute doses of natural substances that in larger amounts would produce symptoms of the ailment.".

Homeopathy, the longest established alternative medicine to come out of Europe, was created in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann. Hahnemann rejected the mainstream medicine of the late 18th century as irrational and inadvisable because it was largely ineffective and often harmful. He advocated the use of single drugs at lower doses and promoted an immaterial, vitalistic view of how living organisms function. The term homeopathy was coined by Hahnemann and first appeared in print in 1807. 

Homeopathic Bottles

When is it used?

Homeopathy is used for an extremely wide range of health conditions. Many practitioners believe it can help with any condition.

Among the most common conditions that people seek homeopathic treatment for are:

  • asthma

  • ear infections

  • hay fever

  • mental health conditions, such as depression, stress and anxiety

  • allergies, such as food allergies

  • dermatitis (an allergic skin condition)

  • arthritis

  • high blood pressure


Gen is a fully qualified Homeopath; Reflexologist & Yoga Teacher.


Meet Gen, a best friend of Wee Nature Spirits outdoor playgroup and Mama.

What should I expect if I try it?

Consultation - phone call, followed likely by a home visit, possibly in Bobby my Van!

I generally begin with a phone consultation, which can last from 10–15 minutes up to an hour. This is where you can describe your medical history.

I usually ask about any specific health conditions and general wellbeing such as, mood, likes and dislikes, any physical illnesses, lifestyle, diet, mental and emotional states. You may also be asked questions such as, if your symptoms change depending on the weather and other external factors.

Based on this, should you decide to go ahead, I will decide on the course of treatment, which often takes the form of homeopathic remedies given as a pill, capsule and/or tincture (solution).


I recommend that you attend one or more follow-up appointments so the remedy's effects on your health can be assessed.

I will be providing reflexology again in the near future once I can find help with childcare!


Is homeopathy safe?

Homeopathic remedies are widely considered safe, and like Ayurveda, the risk of a serious adverse side effect arising from taking these remedies is small.

However, some homeopathic remedies may contain substances that aren't safe or interfere with the action of other medicines.

You should talk to your GP before stopping any treatment prescribed by a doctor, or avoiding procedures such as vaccination, in favour of homeopathy.

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules


Initial Consultation with 1st Treatment: £65

Follow up: £45



Gen has massively helped my mood swings and hot flushes during the menopause. I was reluctant to go straight into HRT. She also made me another remedy to support anxiety as a small business owner. Homeopathy for me now is a natural effective treatment


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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