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Energy Healing with LuLu (Children, Youth & Adults)

Find your inner peace and become empowered to your true self using Universal Life Force energy.
Did you know that every cell in your body is holding an energy? You do not have to believe for energy healing to work, just a desire to receive and accept this energy. 
Did you know our bodies have TRILLIONS of cells and every cell in our body is a battery? : Dr Bruce Lipton 
And did you know you can consciously move, detox and clean the energy your body holds?

The focus of all energy work, including Reiki, is to improve your energetic wellbeing. Everyone's energy goal is different, but when people ask me what I do it always comes back to the same thing — "I assist to bring some peace and balance; mainly through your energy centres (chakras)".
Universal energy is available to us at all times - but we must make the time to connect with it. Its vital, in my opinion. The only TV channel I now have is Gaia TV - I choose to balance TECH with my true Spiritual Nature. Energy healing can shift stuck emotions, clearing energy transfer from others, or working with the energetic imprints left by trauma or PTSD. It helps to calm the vagus nerve system which is connected to every organ in our body. 

We can associate our healing journey as 'peeling off the layers'  - to get back to who we truly are - a spiritual being having a human experience. Making a commitment to YOURSELF requires some discipline. I can help you with that by sharing my journey at times too. Stories can help others in so many ways.
I combine Reiki with Rahanni celestial healing - working on the vibration of the heart chakra.  It is a subtle & gentle energy that helps re-align the chakras, whilst releasing negativity/ fear and raises your unique vibration to promote natural healing. If you've had a session with me, you will know there is so much more to the work I do than I could describe here - but for now, this will do.

I currently offer 3 main options (scroll down) but can also tailor each session according to your needs, which is why I request the one off assessment form.
It is always advised to double check with GP first before booking an energy healing session.


What to expect at the start of an energy healing session:
We may discuss your assessment form / update from our last session. Everything remains confidential. 
The healing treatments currently take place in the comfort of your own home. Lying across your bed is preferred so I can have access to both sides of your body, your head and feet, although sofa or chair works just as well.  You remain fully clothed during the session, but its best to wear loose-fitting clothes so you feel relaxed and comfortable. Have a big glass of water by your side for after. 
In the comfort of your own home,  you can completely relax - I aim to create a relaxing environment and hold a space that invites more peace, love, light & healing. I do this by using music, sound healing instruments, such as 432Hz tuning forks, chimes, candles, Star Child essential oils, palo santo incense and healing crystals. It is an opportunity for you to take time out , invest in your own mental wellbeing, and just spend time with your higher self, no partner, pets or kids running around...the healing needed during that time comes from within you. Reiki is a form of self-love.

Dr Usui.jpg

What to expect during an energy healing session:
Please let me know if you are happy for hands-on-reiki or would prefer no touch during the session. I personally feel touch is stronger. I will give you a lavender eye pillow to help relax into a comfortable position, slowing your breath. 
I silently call upon Universal Life Force Energy to bring us whatever it is we need - always for our highest good.
I may first scan your main energy centres to gain a sense of where they may need healing the most, sometimes I just intuitively know without scanning. During the healing treatment, you can expect me to move around and may make some Shamanic type 'clearing' noises.

You may sense my hands moving across your body even if they are not touching you directly – this is because you can electrically sense it such as tingling sensations, seeing colours, vivid pictures, feeling temperature changes in my hands, involuntarily movements/ mild spasms, falling in and out of sleep, rumbling stomach, memory flashes, or need to release emotion such as crying.
You also may not experience any symptoms, particularly on your first time - but some do. To be honest, ever since combining the Reiki & Rahanni, no one has cried I do believe it is a gentler healing process. We don't need to keep living in the past and repeat stuff that does not serve us anymore. Energy work helps us to surrender to what is, accept it and then let go, if it does not feel good. It has supported my mental health massively. 


Pricing & Gift Vouchers

Perhaps you are aware of a friend or family member who may benefit from energy healing?

What you may experience after an energy healing session:
It’s really important to note here that the goal of any session is not to ‘cure’ or ‘fix’ a specific problem or issue – even if a set issue is the reason you are there. Energy healing supports the mind, body and spirit – it holistically addresses imbalances in the energy body and seeks to restore balance, which in turn can promote health and wellbeing. You are in control of the amount of Universal The healing awakens from within.
Please remember to drink at least 2 litres of water daily, especially for the next few days and try to avoid alcohol to receive optimal benefit from the treatment.
For Sale at an Energy Healing Session with me:
Ayurvedic Herbal Teas x20 bags per box £4.95
Palo Santo £4 per stick, 3 for £11
White Sage Smudge £5
Reiki incense £3
Cacao Chunks - £9 - (approx 125g) please order (DM before I come to a session)

Star Child Products (orders placed via email only, about once every two months atm; can deliver locally)

Offerings Available:
1) Energy 1:1  - Reiki &  Rahanni Celestial with Sound Healing 90mins £60
2) Energy 1:1  - Reiki &  Rahanni Celestial with Self Love Guided Meditation & Sound Healing
2hrs £95
3) Energy 1:1 -  Reiki &  Rahanni Celestial  with QiGong; Breathwork & Meditation;  Sound Healing
3hrs £140
(within 7 mile radius of Chobham, Surrey. £1 per mile thereafter)
* ALL sessions include either a cup of handmade cacao or Ayurvedic Tea; a palo santo stick ; ayurveda teas - use code NSUK10 at checkout ;  small 40g chunk of raw ceremonial grade cacao by The Jasper Cacao Project - enter CACAO15 for 15% OFF on this link

**The deposit is non-refundable if the session is cancelled , however in the event of this happening you can choose to have a distance healing session instead so that you're not completely losing your deposit. 
Although available mainly weekdays - Email / DM for availability that suits you                  07961 661 843
Small Energy Gatherings & Groups at your home?
Get in touch x

Distant Healing & Children's Reiki

The spiritual principle of ‘oneness’ promotes how Energy Healing can help others, even from many miles away. Children can also benefit while they sleep. Most sessions are sent between 7pm-8pm. I call in Universal Life Force Energy, Ascended Masters, Celestial Angels, Archangels who may also wish to support the healing session.
I use palo santo, Reiki sacred symbols, tribal instruments and crystals to enhance the session.
1x 30 min Session £30
I will require a recent photograph, full name, DOB and address.
Payment is via bank transfer please before the session.
Email here

Particularly if its your first time, 3x sessions within 6 weeks are recommended to get a good boost and clearing on your energy/ aura. The one-off Assessment Form must be completed before any session.

Unfortunately, as a precaution, the following can only receive distant healing;

  • Cancer patients during Chemotherapy/ Radiotherapy.

  • Clients with Pacemakers.

  • Clients who are under 12 weeks pregnant.

  • Clients with Schizophrenia


Lulu was so warm and comforting, this was my first ever session so I didn’t know what to expect. Lulu spoke through the experience, ensuring I was comfortable with every step and reminding me I could stop at any point. 
The session was incredible, I have never experienced anything like it. It was such a calming full body experience and so eye opening and interesting. Lulu Is perfect for your first ever session, highly recommend !
Thank you so much!


Having never experienced reiki before I wasn’t sure what to expect, LuLu’s friendly chat put me at ease straight away and I loved the whole session from the moment I entered to the minute I left. It felt powerful and empowering, Lulu really has a true skill. The heat radiating from her hands and the energy surrounding her was something I’ve never experienced before. Everyone should try it!


I really enjoyed my reiki session with Lulu. She took her time to explain everything I might feel or experience, and took care to make me feel completely comfortable and at ease. I loved the entire experience, and will definitely come back


I’ve recently be very interested in alternative spirituality exploration with Lou being a bit of an inspiration to me.  Exploring Reiki is something that has really interested me so experiencing this with Lou was perfect!
She explained everything to me, ensured I was warm, comfortable and relaxed.  The Reiki experience was really enlightening, it opened up some emotions I was holding on to and also relaxing!  I will definitely continue with Reiki.
Thank you Lou!


First time doing Reiki and could not think of a better person to do it with.
Lulu spent time explaining the Reiki technique and the whole approach to holistic and spiritual healing. I think the fact it is done in semi outdoors adds to the experience.
I was blown away by how my body responded to all the senses and how I felt that energy, leaving me rejuvenated and motivated to get on with the week.
I highly recommend Lulu. Thank you so much!


I’ve never experienced Reiki before so was a little uncertain of what to expect or it’s benefits but after a session with Lulu I am a real advocate. Lulu made so much effort with the whole experience. The treatment set up was magical, as was being in the quiet countryside early in the morning. She was great at explaining everything and made sure I was comfortable and warm. The Reiki experience it’s self was deeply relaxing but yet powerful. I left feeling stronger and refreshed, as if I’d had a little break from the world. Thank you so much Lulu , I can’t wait to come again.


My first reiki session with Lulu felt empowering. Lulu was reassuring, calm and knowledgeable which in turn relaxed me and I could really take every minute of the session in.
I am excited to continue my reiki journey with Lulu and encourage others to try too.
Thank you Lulu 


The room is very cosy, calming and tranquil. Lulu explains clearly all the information beforehand and gave me a warm nutritious drink before we started (it was an early start!) I was so relaxed that i fell asleep and woke myself up snoring a couple of times!!! I really enjoyed the experience and managed to channel my subconscious mind into welcoming i believe spirit angels who lulu said were working with her. Lulu was fantastic and i could really feel heat radiating from her healing hands. Well worth the experience!! Thank you Lulu xxx--


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