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This page may explain LRP a bit better...

  • ​Buy your own products from your own store with 25% off

  • Earn a free product every month with 125pv

  • You are in control - one month you might order a lip balm, the next might be a skincare system or treats for your family

  • Complete access to self-care you need to live a super healthy lifestyle and delivered to your door step

  • Leave whenever you like with no fee


Once you hit submit, choosing to be a wellness advocate on my team, I will get an email letting me know and will reach out to you.

Each year, if you’ve been placing orders, your membership will renew and doTERRA gift you a free bottle of peppermint making the renewal cost only around £2.70 annually. 

Don't forget to follow @doterra_uk_

Love LuLu x

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